The Cruel Lullaby

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Indian Creek and Rimer Creek merge right near Canyon, California, where 'The Cruel Lullaby' was recorded, Neil and Ann's place. Come on out, take a walk, and bring your fiddle. Carol Denney's second CD was recorded and mixed near the conjunction of Indian Creek and Rimer Creek in Canyon, California, at Neil and Ann's place where everything is just a little different. Come on out, bring your fiddle, and take a deep breath. "The Cruel Lullaby" is a song collection including "Don't Cry For the Tinman", "The PG&E Song (Alternatively titled "Write the Check and Shut Up"), the workers' ballad "Who Built This House", "Set Your Radio Free", and many other songs, old and new.

The CD comes with a 24 page full color lyric sheet, suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

This 2002 studio engineered and mastered recording features session players Jim Nelson, Radim Zenkl, John Wetzel, Rob Sherman, Frank Buffum, and Mark Lemaire, engineered and mixed by Neil J. Young at Canyon Studios, mastered by Bruce Mishkit at Deva Productions in Lafayette, California, photography by Mark Nelson and Michele Thomas.

Carol Denney in her kitchen making noodles for the world. The Cruel Lullaby

Don't Cry for the Tinman
Ready for Christmas
The Next Time I'm Young
PG&E Song, or Write the Check and Shut Up
Later at Night
Far and Far Away
No Stronger Wine
Who Built This House
The Cruel Lullaby
Raised to be a Lady
I'm Not Going to Tell You
I Saw God
Set Your Radio Free

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