Unless Of Course You Die

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Unless Of Course You Die. Unless Of Course You Die, the 2014 CD recording. Vocals, guitar, English concertina, toy xylophone and lyrics by Carol Denney. Featuring musicians Steven Strauss on acoustic bass and ukelele, David Klotz on keyboards, and Cynthia Wilson on percussion.

Unless Of Course You Die song list:

Have Yourself A Slice of Occupy
Courtrooms Are A Rich Man's Game
How Weary You Must Be
Unless of Course You Die
Ballad of Stovall and Archy Lee
We Looked Like Flowers
You Thought the Books Would Burn

Dump Your Boyfriend At Christmas
The Last Hotel Shampoo
There's Serious Money in Doomsday
Your Politics Are Boring
It's A Sad Sad Day at the DBA*
And the Rich Exploit the Poor
Don't You Want to Live in Yuppieville
Mountain Song
The Hungriest People
Lorin's Song
I Hate Songwriters and I Wish They Were Dead
A Chair So Fair
Song of the Wealthy Man

*Downtown Berkeley Association

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The Bay Area singer/songwriter/activist has a wonderfully expressive voice and songs that enlighten,
as well as entertain. She approaches political and social issues with wit, as well as wisdom. Denney
doesn't hesitate to tackle weighty subjects. Immerse yourself in The Hungriest People and
You Thought The Books Would Burn. The artist's humor shines forth on numbers like Dump Your Boyfriend at Christmas
and I Hate Songwriters and I Wish They Were Dead. She wields a sharp satiric touch on There's Serious Money in Doomsday.
Among the many other gems here are Courtrooms Are a Rich Man's Game, How Weary You Must Be, the consumerism-jibing
Unless of Course You Die, the jaunty Have Yourself a Slice of Occupy and the winsome The Mountain Song.
Denney is the essence of alt-folk. - Paul Freeman of PopCultureClassics.com

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