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Failure to Disperse

"Failure to Disperse" is California Penal Code 409, a beloved misdemeanor, and any group of musicians performing with Carol Denney.

Keep in mind that musicians will eat anything you feed them. Failure to Disperse, the recording, was recorded in 1997, includes many of the protest songs written to highlight political issues. "Set Your Radio Free" was written the night of a significant court victory for micropower radio.

This recording contains "Capitol Records", a satirical look at the music industry, and "See You in Santa Rita", a song written the first night of the July 31st, 1991 struggle over People's Park, while Denney was incarcerated in the Santa Rita County Jail. Thirty-six non-violent demonstrators were released two days later and sang it together on the busride back to Berkeley.

Click here for your very own convenient order form "After the Bomb" is a raucous salute to nuclear oblivion dedicated to Ronald Reagan, written by Carol Denney, Paul Sandoval, and Bob Nichols the night of Reagan's initial election as president in 1980, something we thought was beyond possibility.

"The Truck Song for Maria" is a soft acknowledgement of the plight of marijuana farmers. "Ready for Christmas" is a song about street sweeps against the poor, a Christmas tradition in Berkeley.

"Failure to Disperse" is a low-fidelity, living-room portastudio recording, but a solid effort at capturing songs under remarkable duress.

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Failure to Disperse
(A.) Bring the Party Home
Ready for Christmas
Raised to be a Lady
Let's Squat the Condos
After the Bomb
Set Your Radio Free
(B.) I'm A UC Cop
(& the Law Means Nothing to Me)
See You in Santa Rita
Capitol Records
The Birthday Truck Song
Step to the Right and Don't Look Back

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