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 the press always handwrites its thoughtful commentary songwriting is best done underwater by experts with degrees Kindly Forgave C. Denney 6-16-01 key of D

I did my best I did my time
I did my damndest to earn what was mine
I put it all on the best I could find
and I lost but I swear I don't mind
I took my chances and maybe I lost
maybe I crossed what they say was the line
but I held up my end just as long as I could
and if they say I failed then that's fine

I need no stone
I need no cross
do not look back at my grave
remember me kindly if you do at all
and I'll know you kindly forgave me

I rode from Texas to Wyoming's line
and as I young man well I think it was fine
I think it was all that I knew at the time
the road can look just like a song
I'm not complaining wouldn't know how
wouldn't know how to begin with it now
Know that there's nothing in heaven allows
a poor cowboy to right this much wrong

glad for the ride the occasional mail
glad for the good times the women the ale and I'm
glad there were moments I loved on the trail
but I am not sorry it's gone
I have no claim on what's coming up now
thought I did once but I lost it somehow
and I'm sorry for you if you think you know how
but I'm glad just to tell you so long

"Art. Art. Art. If you say it enough you sound like a barking dog."
Carol Denney

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