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New Songs Page

I'm working on another CD, but it is slow going since I keep running out of money and trying to record both old and new songs. I'll get there. In the meantime, I have a friend who does this, and I think it is cool. These are as yet unrecorded songs from the last six months or so, just for fun.

Failure to Disperse Acoustic Revolt and Road Show kept losing hats at the Solano Stroll I have a post-September 11th song called "Don't Try to Tell Me the News If You Don't Know".
I have another new song called "The Cell Phone and the Sea".
I have another new song called "You Are Spending Too Much Money on Your Hair".
I have another new song called "Cruel Lullaby".
I have another new song called "Kindly Forgave".
I have a relatively new song called "You're Too Radical".

"Art. Art. Art. If you say it enough you sound like a barking dog."
Carol Denney

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