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 the press always handwrites its thoughtful commentary this song comes with a bright, shiny guarantee At a time of national tragedy, nothing seems appropriate anyway, so...

The Cell Phone and the Sea September 16th, 2001

if you walk... down to the ocean
with the waves...for company
you will hear...the distant ringing
of a cell phone the sea
times were hard...and then got harder
it was more than I could bear
took a cell phone...from a stranger
and I in the air

I look back and I am sorry
don't know what...came over me
cross the waves...I hear it calling
from the bottom...of the sea

we are born alone and hungry
and we live in pain and fear
we can die the way we want to
with a cell phone in our ear
but my friends I tell you truly
one small dream has come to be
there's a true sense of belonging
now that phone is in the sea

people need to get together
need to say what's on their minds
people need communication
and they need to get off line
but I'm tired of conversation
I can hear but I can't see
that is why there is a cell phone
at the bottom of the sea

.....I only wish this were a true story. CD

"Art. Art. Art. If you say it enough you sound like a barking dog."
Carol Denney

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