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North County Jail (cassette tape)

Carol Denney seated with implements of destruction. North County Jail is the oldest of Carol Denney's recordings with several of her best-loved songs, including "Winter and I" and "Treasure."

North County Jail was recorded in 1993, about two years after the police riots in People's Park and one year after the murder of Rosebud Denovo. The recording was made during chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's Disease.

"North County Jail" was written September 19th, 1992, after Denney was convicted of violating an injunction the University of California Regents obtained against her on January 10th, 1992, in the case known as the People's Park SLAPP-suit. Denney was convicted of defacement for writing "Shame" in chalk on the $2 million dollar volleyball court built in the park to displace the homeless.

Denney sang North County Jail to friends with the one phone call she could make while in civil custody, and it was sung on Telegraph Avenue the next day.

"North County Jail" is a living-room portastudio recording, but oddly a very solid recording.

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North County Jail
I Saw God
Waiting For the Rain
No Stronger Wine
Later at Night
I Saw the Light at
the North County Jail
(B.) Winter & I
Don't Cry for the Tinman
Stand By the Water
Mind to Leave
Getting Higher

Photo by Michele Thomas
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