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What If Love

paraleipsis: A passing over with brief mention so as to emphasize the suggestiveness of what is omitted. What If Love was recorded in 1997, and contains ballads and story-telling songs. The title song is a meditation on unconditional love.

"When You're In Love" and "Not Going to Tell You" are songs of broken hearts.

"A Very High Place" describes wandering through the landscape of artistic inspiration. "Valley Road" is homage to Highway 395 through California's eastern desert. Click here for your very own convenient order form Guitarist Rick Higgs is a special guest on Skidmark*, a character study of a lead guitar player, and Michael Jones is a guest violinist on "Valley Road."

"Laundromat Girl" is an enigmatic, inexplicable character sketch designed as a sing-along where all notes are harmonically permissible.

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* Also available at DownHome Music, 10341 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, California 94530 (510) 525-2129

* Rick agreed to play an insistent, screaming lead for this song at Carol's request for the sake of the song's content. He is actually an extremely thoughtful, intelligent player.

What If Love
(A.) What If Love
Out of the Rain
Roll, Chickens, Roll
Laundromat Girl
When You're In Love
It's Only Fair
(B.) My Girlfriend Wants a Cowboy
A Very High Place
Valley Road
Wonderful Me
Not Going to Tell You
Wait for You

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