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Gratuitous Commentary - an imperfect collection of published opinion pieces.

"The Ohlone Greenway Grift" by Carol Denney

"Survey? or Red Herring" by Carol Denney

"UC Owes Reparations" by Carol Denney

"It's Time To Burn Your Sierra Club Card, or, It's a Sad Day When the Courts Stand Up for Redwoods While the Sierra Club Takes A Pass" by Carol Denney

"The SF Wherry Housing Demonstration, or How to Save Low-income Housing" by Carol Denney

"We Have A Plan for People's Park Too"

"Downtown Streets Team Toughens You Up for the Pandemic Long Haul"

"UC Berkeley's Terrible, Awful, No Good Really Bad Day"

"On Your Mark, Get Set, Chaos"

"Leash Your Damn Dog - It's a Pandemic"

"Coronavirus - We Are All First Responders"

"Smokefree Dispensaries - A Labor Issue"

"The Equity Cloak for Marijuana"

"Teachers Only Housing- Just Say No"

"Welcome to the Company Town"

"Police Policy on RVs - What Was the Process?"

"The Real Reason Big Cannabis Wants Cesar Chavez Park and Your Local Storefront, by Carol Denney"

"Interview with Carol Denney on People's Park"

"Let's All Run Against Jesse"

"Campanile Way Landmarking - A Letter to the Berkeley City Council"

"West Virginia Notes or How Many Homeless People Under an Overpass Does It Take to Change a Strategy"

"The Chronicle Ad"

"The Sidewalk Wars"

"No Experiments on Kids - Just Say No to Another Tiny House Proposal"

"RV Evictions Target the Poor - Don't Get Fooled Again"

"Privatizing Public Space - the BART Plaza Issue"

"Police Reform Is Possible And Crucial"

"Thanks, but We Got This"

"Antifa Go Home, and Take Your White Privilege With You"

"Considering the Best Ways to Kick Nazi Ass"

"Thank You White Supremacists"

"There's Money In Homelessness"

"The DBA Complaint System and Why It's A Pile"

"Too Cute to Fail? A Critical Look at Tiny Houses"

"Two Most Glaring Omissions in the Police Review Commission Report
on the Berkeley Police Response to the Black Lives Matter March of December 2016"

Unusual tools are required to change the world. "Reflections on Broken Windows"

"Springtime for Tasers in Berkeley"

"Police Accountability in Berkeley, CA"

"Hanging Baskets? Let's Get Real"

"It Ain't Rocket Science; It's Housing"

You Get What You Settle For

Sitting on a Chair Playing the Fiddle - A crime?

Cool the Komen 'Cure' -- Prevent the Disease

Baby Who's Your Landlord Now?

A Dangerous Visit to Berkeley

Karma's a Bitch

Tell the Rent Board You Need to Breathe Clean Air

Sunday Streets Prove Sitting and Business Go Together

Officer Keene (#145) and Your Tax Dollars at Work

Measure S is a Hate Crime

Busting Berkeley's Favorite Myths: Generosity to the Poor and Free Speech

Got Free Speech in Berkeley's Constitution Square? It Depends on What You Say

Ten Other Things A Mayor Could Do

Hang Onto Your Seats - Anti-sitting Law on the Way

Nonviolence Defeated UC Davis PD

Calling a Halt - The Peace and Justice Commission Stand Up for People's Park

Beware the Hurry at Telegraph and Haste

Musicians Will Eat Anything You Feed Them

Break It to Them Gently - It's a College Town.

For the definitive thesis on the obvious superiority of the English concertina, click here.

"Exploiting Prejudice for Profit" . Business interests have a seat at the political table. I want to play, too.

"The Deadly Non-Emergency" . We have the science. We have the law. Now all we need is a little enforcement.

"Tobacco Industry: 'Give me your homeless, your poor...' ", commentary on the February, 2010 proposal for smoking restrictions in multi-unit housing in Berkeley, which hopefully can still be strengthened beyond their present embarrassing weakness.

"Smokers Are Scum", a song written 12-25-09 after working the holiday street fairs. Gentle commentary on the more obvious perils of street performing, emphasizing, of course, the generally productive nature of discussions with smokers about secondhand smoke exposure.

How to Build Your Own Concertina , a step-by-step instruction for beginners.

This Is Your Brain on Asphalt , a bike commuter's observation on bike helmets.

Say What? Amend the Guidelines , a plea for common sense noise guidelines from West Berkeley merchants and tenants.

How to Solve the Developer Problem , an admiring portrait of the best panhandlers in town.

Section 8 Tenants on the Rampage! Dan McMullan's observation about work, crime, and thinking local.

Dr. Toy's Opportunity It costs nothing to be generous to one's opponents. Graciousness is, at the very least, good exercise.

The Devil You Know - Bates versus Dean as Mayor of Berkeley. What do you do when both devils (metaphorically speaking) are the devil you know?

Drop the SLAPP-Suit: The Real News About People's Park. The real improvement to People's Park isn't anything physical, and they won't let you talk about it.

"Berkeley's Public Commons Hypocricy" , Berkeley's latest effort to target the poor.

"Bob's Blankets" , in honor of a good friend and amazing man.

New, Enhanced Rules for People's Park, momentarily helpful information from the thoughtful people at the University of California.

"Deja' Vu All Over Again for Downtown Planning", published 10-6-06, unpopular observations about the current crop of downtown planners in Berkeley.

March 2000 SLAPP-suit article from the Daily Californian, unfortunately still timely today.

"Panhandlers: Not Aggressive Enough", why I can't seem to cry for Andy Ross.

"For the Gates, a song for San Quentin",written for the demonstration against the execution of Michael Morales.

"Save the Trains; Stop the Politicians", just how far Linda Maio and the Berkeley City Council will go to try to seduce developers into building high-end condos right next to the tracks in Berkeley.

"Another Puppet Committee, or, The Canary in the Freebox", buckle your seatbelts, they're coming after People's Park again.

"Ten Myths About the Freebox in People's Park"

"What's going down now in People's Park: donate clothing, get a ticket - how Berkeley can you be?"

"Get Real About Wheels", regarding the myths about parking.

"Getting Lucky", a story about time and love.

Celebrating Poetry in the "Arts District", or, a clarification of Berkeley's free speech policy.

A Modest Proposal for Patrick Kennedy., or, a call to squat.

The Plain Roots., regarding the rich buying and destroying the history of the poor.

A Simple Music Lesson: almost all you need to know.

Now You See Art, Now You Don't, or, "I'll Show You a 'Visual Display'", comments on art planning idiocy.

The Proposed Canine Patrol, and the Bovine, Feline, and Ursine patrol alternatives.

Accessibility on the Seven-Year Plan What the organizers of the Berkeley Folk Festival won't be telling you.

The One Regret An elementary but potent observation.

Planners Should Factor in Neighborhood Needs A simple case study in planning idiocy.

Post September 11th, 2001, "What's 'Left' in Berkeley?" Dressing down a shoot-from-the-hip "left" for its non-anti-war resolution.

Downsizing, or Linda Maio's Saturday Night Massacre Observations on the silencing of an activist.

Survivor Night at the Freight, or My Night Out with Chet the Child Molester Observations on the politics of sexual assault.

Homelessness in Berkeley The de-prioritization of the sleeping ban, the 647j campaign and the politics of shelter.

You Can't Get There From HereTwo articles on the sadly on-going folk festival accessibility issue in Berkeley.

Density's Downside Observations from the frontlines of urban density despite fashion to the contrary.

Off-leash Area a Disaster Observations on the dog versus wetlands controversy by a lonely wildlife fan.

Honoring Dissent Observations on the best test of free speech...the repression of unpopular speech.

The Preferred Tree The tangled tale of tree removal in Berkeley.

The SLAPP-suit: What It Is and Why It Matters The word on the SLAPP-suit governing People's Park Ruminations from the busy pen of a critic-at-large.

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