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Award-winning lyricist, published poet, guitarist, fiddler, and concertina* stylist, "Fiddlers for Peace" founder, curator of the "Deep Poetry Project", and founder and editor of the Pepper Spray Times. 2004 honoree by the City of Berkeley for homeless advocacy, 2003 honoree for civil liberties activism through music, humor, and art by the Berkeley Commission on the Status of Women, winner of the East Bay Express' readers' poll "Best Solo Performer" for 2002, and selected as one of the San Francisco Bay Guardian's 2001 "Best of the Bay". Featured writer at the Centre for Political Song, Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, microradio pioneer with Free Radio Berkeley, etc. Failure to Disperse Acoustic Revolt and Road Show ensemble and solo performances. Spiritual advisor and graphic production for the Best of Blasphemy project in Canyon, California. Published commentator in local and national fora. Proud part of the Folk This! extended family. Winner of the 2009 Oldtime Spirit award from the Augusta Music Heritage Festival, voted best female artist at PirateCat Radio in SF in 2010. Nominated to the Revolutionary Poets' Brigade by former poet laureate of San Francisco Jack Hirschman in 2010. Human Rights editor for Street Spirit newspaper. Inventor of the chairapillar. Crankie innovator. Organizer of the 2012 Olympic Sitting Competition. Contributing writer on the esteemed production of KPFA's former TwitWit Radio program, now in archives. Author of "They're Building A Pipeline" song which successfully fought the Dominion pipeline through West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Co-founder of the People's Park Historic District Advocacy Group. Performing at Bay Area venues including...

As times get harder, some people know what really matters. Then there's the rest of us. the concertina is the tool of the devil (Photo to the left) Jim Nelson, Jack Chernos, and Carol Denney played for the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, then just went down to the water's edge and jammed with the fishes.

They're Building A Pipeline has a page with the lyrics and there's a Youtube slideshow at
Help preserve the wilderness in West Virginia by writing a letter to FERC - info here
Because We Upon This Earth Are One.

... RECORDINGS:,the newest of which is Because We Upon This Earth Are One available from this website and CDBaby.

As times get harder, some people know what really matters. Then there's the rest of us. How to Build Your Own Concertina , a step-by-step instruction for beginners.

How to Make a Cardboard Traveling Crankie Theater and delight the world.

Some crankies on YouTube, for frame of reference:

Playing the Freight is -or used to be - a blast. "It's Not Police Surveillance; It's Love"

"Like a Taser Touched for the Very First Time" Laborfest Video:

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The Best of Blasphemy, a project carefully guided to fruition by its spiritual advisor and co-writer Carol Denney, is available at .

As times get harder, some people know what really matters. Politics gets funnier as it goes along.

Laura Drawbridge's original Free Radio Berkeley transcripts.

Drop the SLAPP-Suit: The Real News About People's Park. The real improvement to People's Park isn't anything physical, and they won't let you talk about it.

Life Is Much Better in Jail
New, Enhanced Rules for People's Park
"Bob's Blankets", A short story in remembrance of Bob Nichols.
"Save the Trains - Stop the Politicians"
"For the Gates, a song for San Quentin"
"Another Puppet Committee, or, The Canary in the Freebox"
Don't think for a minute that Berkeley has free speech; it depends on who you are...1-17-05
"What's going down now in People's Park: donate clothing, get a ticket - how Berkeley can you be?"

Favorite moments in media.
A Simple Music Lesson.
The Deep Poetry Project...The the money spent on Berkeley's most recent "arts district" project brought about the "Deep Poetry Project", poetry about holes, to highlight the disparity between Addison Street's poetry-pocked sidewalks and west and south Berkeley sidewalks, laden with the essence of evocative art, the hole...
Politics is always worth thoughtful contemplation.
10 Myths About the Freebox in People's Park.
Song for Kevin Freeman, killed in jail for no reason.
Myths about political songs.
The short story of micropower radio.
Don't miss our novel feature, the Poetry Corner.
The Simple Ways to Improve the World page.
"Fiddlers for Peace" page.
Homelessness and the 647j campaign in Berkeley.
Paraleiptic Audio Analysis. The seminar which will change your life, make your bed, and do your laundry.
Observations on World News. Commentary for the bewildered.
The SLAPP-Suit. The People's Park free speech anomaly still unresolved.
Your personal Permit to Stop the War. Be sure your friends have one.
The Pepper Spray Times. The newsletter for the very brave.
Bio of sorts.

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Photos by Mark Nelson, Michele Thomas, and the Cliff House camera booth.

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