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It is best to step fortified into the political arena. The Pepper Spray Times is a monthly publication currently in its 26th year of publication
made possible by the natural comedy in our delightful political landscape.
For your own clutchable, kissable, personal copy, send a $12 donation to the Pepper Spray Times
at 1970 San Pablo Avenue #4, Berkeley, CA 94702.

The Pepper Spray Times welcomes donations

any size or shape, and is looking for sponsors to continue being hosted by the Berkeley Daily Planet,
which can no longer pay its contributors. We continue to produce our own print
publication each month, and will continue print publication and subscription services come hell or high water or
if at all humanly possible.

Duplex Press just created "Pepper Spray Paradise" Volumes 1 and 2, the entire collection of back issues through November 2020. An excellent gift available at

Pepper Spray Times books Coronavirus Cartoon Chronicles And the entire pandemic year in cartoons is availabe as the "Coronavirus Cartoon Chronicles" at Enjoy.